Financial Forensics and Bankruptcy

Financial Forensics

The alarming frequency of fraud occurrences suggests that corporations continue to face persistent threat of fraud. According to an Association of Certified Fraud Examiner Report, a typical organization may lose five percent of its revenue to fraud every year. As such, the consequences of fraud may impact the shareholders, creditors, auditors and the public’s confidence in the integrity of corporations’ financial systems.

Frauds can be classified into three primary categories: asset misappropriations, corruption and financial statement fraud. The three different types of fraud would require different fraud detection techniques.

Forensic accountants are best utilized in legal matters to perform investigative accounting procedures, prepare business valuations, and to determine economic damage and lost earnings calculations.

We have built cases to present to the authorities causing a former employee of a Company to plead guilty to over a million dollars in fraud.

MBA, is qualified to perform financial forensics and has been qualified in District Courts in Michigan as an expert witness to testify for / against numerous former employees, Shareholders, and divorcing spouses.


Filing for bankruptcy is a serious and involved process with many legal and tax issues. Our firm is familiar with the complexities of the bankruptcy filing system and can competently guide you through the bankruptcy process.

Financial forensics becomes an integral part of the bankruptcy process, analyzing and characterizing properly preference issues for business owners can decide whether a bankruptcy is feasible.

MBA, teams up with bankruptcy attorneys to provide accounting and financial statement reporting to the bankruptcy court, business consulting by teaching the business owners how to properly manage their business, debt renegotiation with creditors, new financing from qualified lenders, and reorganization planning.

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