Business 4 Sale

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How do you market the business without letting your customers know it’s for sale, and risking the loss of your customers?
  • How do you market the business without your employees knowing and face the risk of losing your top people to your competitors?
  • What is the business really worth?
  • And, if the business owner has a buyer how do you properly structure the sale for the best results? And, the tax ramifications?
  • What does it cost to hire a realtor broker?

To register to buy a business or sell your business click the link below and please fill out the “Buyer’s & Seller’s Registration Form”:

Why our Approach Works!!

  1. We are discrete in the way in which we advertise your business.
  2. The purpose is to only reach qualified purchasers who are in the market to buy a business like yours.
  3. This eliminates the embarrassment of having your customers, employees, and competitors knowing your business is for sale.
  4. We do the Valuation and buyers due-diligence package.
  5. We field the inquiries for potential buyers and pre-qualify them as to their ability to purchase the business. Before you even meet them.
  6. Since we have a webbed base marketing platform, we’re able to market through out the country for prospective buyers.
  7. Once your buyer is located, we will assist you with making a proper structure that will serve everyone needs.
  8. We have financing available through Nationally recognized Banks who are willing to finance Acquisitions.
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